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Floppy Totaal

Floppy Totaal is the first festival in the world entirely devoted to contemporary floppy disk culture and art. Starting out as a singular event in 2014, it is now a two-day international festival in Rotterdam NL, with contributors from across the globe showcasing recent developments in the field by means of lectures, workshops, performances and installations.

For the event, I want to create a contemporary design for the festival. At Floppy Totaal there are many different layers of discussion, and to illustrate that I used a floppy disk diagram. For the colours, dark blue is used as a reference to old floppy disk packaging. The red exist as contrast colour and the yellow grid is a reference to computer visuals of the 80s and 90s. For the typefaces, Audimat-Mono is used in print and Robo Mono is used for the website


// The project is still in development //

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